I arrived in Silicon Valley from Buenos Aires in 1976 to go to college at Stanford University. That was the beginning of a amazing and fulfilling journey from a personal and professional standpoint. I have been a great husband, father and friend, so I am told. I have also been in a start up with 12 people, a company with 490,000 employees, an entrepreneur, executive, CEO, private and public company board member, experienced an IPO, and shut companies down. After countless encounters where I have exchanged ideas, experiences and learnings, faced challenges and opportunities, I decided late in 2013 to start blogging about some of these things to pass on to others, for what it’s worth. Some of my posts will be about companies I am involved in, markets I am interested in, personal development and growth, wisdom that has been passed on to me, and things I often find myself sharing with colleagues and entrepreneurs. I hope to post something at least every two weeks.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Alex – thanks for investing in my company in 1999 … it did well – IPO in 2005
    hope you are well


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